Driftbuild 350Z
Shop1 GodZira
Another perfect creation from Justin Beno. An amazing 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR. This beast was resorted from the dead to be a true masterpiece. This is the Real Deal!
Shop2 Big Bird
Justin Beno's way of life is bringing back the life in the perfect car...the R33 Skyline. This is the ORIGINAL Big Bird from the Fast and the Furious. Check out the badest bird out there.
Shop3 Project Drift 13
This is the first full drift only car undertaken by Driftbuild. The concept is a unique drift set up to showcase the abilities of the shop. Watch the build as it comes together.
Shop4 Perfect Storm 350
Project Perfect Strom 350 is a project we have been planning out for awhile now. We have some big plans for this beast of a drift car and once we find the perfect car for this you will be able to follow the build along. until then check out our plans for this perfect storm.
Shop4 RHD S14
Another Mad Sceintist Creation by Justin Beno. This was one of the first cars by Justin and even though there are many S14's out there this one was unique and was given national coverage by Import Tuner Magazine.